09 Dec

Picking A Wedding Photography Studio In Singapore

With all that talk about beautiful church wedding venues in Singapore and how you should take your photo shoot at a church in Singapore, now I’ll go through how to best pick a wedding photography studio for your bridal shoot.

Picking a top Singapore wedding photography studio can be difficult if you do not know how. Yet, it can be ridiculously simple if you know my advice already.

  • Instead of going out searching in the yellow pages or dropping by physical studio locations, you should just search online. After all, most wedding photographers will provide you with the digital copy of the images, so they would definitely have experience with all things digital. Hence, most of the good wedding photography studios in Singapore would have a well maintained website with their portfolio on it. This would save you lots of time and effort. Just use Google for this purpose.
  • Before you look through Google for the websites / portfolios of these wedding photographers, you want to first discuss with your fiance what type of wedding images you two want. Don’t make the assumption that everyone wants the same thing. Even though you two might be very close, you don’t want to take the risk of hiring a wedding photographer whose style your fiance doesn’t like. Just clarify – after all, it only takes 5 minutes to understand each others’ style and preference.
  • Find out what comes along with the packages when you email or call the photography studio. Don’t just ask them for the prices. Perhaps, a particular company might charge you much higher than another but it could be due to the fact that this company is actually providing a lot more items such as printed canvas, framed photographs e.t.c. while the other just provides the basic. Just make sure to find out. Either way, it doesn’t matter what they provide as long as you understand the full details of what the wedding photography package entails.
  • Another thing that some couples might miss out is the make up artist. Not every wedding photographer or studio will provide a free make up artist, so you definitely want to clarify this point. In any case, you must be prepared to pay for a make up artist both for your pre-wedding photo shoot as well as your actual day bridal events.
08 Dec

Good Singapore Photography Studio For Church Weddings

Most wedding photographers in Singapore would have taken photo shoots within churches before in Singapore. However, if you are talking about quality shoots, I would say that only a handful of them take really beautiful wedding photographs for church weddings in Singapore.

Here are some of the notable ones in Singapore:

wedding photography

One of the most reputable and renowned wedding photography and videography studios in the entire Singapore, Grandeur wedding studio is well known for their premium service levels with quality photo shoots and films while being at stunningly affordable rates. One of the greatest reasons why couples in Singapore choose Grandeur is due to their very affordable packages while being very established and they also have discounts for many other partner firms like bridal gown boutiques in Singapore which you will get to enjoy if you pick up their wedding photography package.


One of the more famous wedding videographers and photographers in Singapore, Alvinadeline and co does a great job of photographing and filming couples for their church weddings in Singapore. However, one thing you might note is that they’re definitely more famous for their videography packages instead of their photography packages.

Bloc Memoire

A small wedding (photography) studio in Singapore, Bloc Memoire is a good choice for you if you love storytelling. Their photograph quality is really good, but I think what makes them special is not that, because others also take great wedding photographs. What makes Bloc Memoire special is their ability to tell a story through their photographs as you can see from their photographs. If you love that, go with Bloc Memoire. But they are pretty expensive. If you prefer affordable rates with similar quality wedding photographs, check out Grandeur Wedding Studio instead.

All of the above photography studios have lots of experience when it comes to church weddings, so feel free to hire any of them for your Singapore church wedding!

06 Dec

Importance Of A Good Wedding Gown Rental

You need to take note that if you want to take amazing wedding photographs or perhaps videos at your church wedding, it is very important to rent or purchase a very good wedding gown. The wedding gown (and the suit of your bride groom’s) can make or break the entire photo shoot.

It is thus very important to get a good wedding Gown rental Singapore and here are some tips to help you find the best ones.

– Most wedding gown boutiques in Singapore offer free viewing of their wedding gowns. Always make sure to check out the gowns in real life and do not only rely on images (this is unlike wedding photography or videography packages where you can judge the quality just by looking at the portfolio online).

– You should know that not every wedding gown suits every bride. This is because every bride’s body shape and size is different from another. Therefore, dresses which look fantastic on some women might not look fantastic on you and vice versa. Always go for a wedding dress which flatters your body shape and size and do not pick one which you like but clearly doesn’t suit your body type. If you want to look fantastic at your church wedding then it’s super important to pick a wedding gown rental which fits you.

– Some wedding gown boutiques offer one or two free tries for their wedding dresses. After picking a few wedding gowns which would suit your body shape and size, I strongly recommend you make use of these free trials. Always ask the bridal gown boutique if you can have free trials. Even if there are no free trials, I strongly encourage you to try on one or two gowns so that you would know how you would look like in one. It’s too big of a risk to buy or rent a wedding dress before even having tried it.

03 Dec

Pre-Wedding Photography At Singapore Churches

If you engage a good pre-wedding photography company, e.g. Grandeur Wedding Studio, Nat Studios, 36 Frames e.t.c., they would be able to recommend you churches in Singapore where you can go to for your pre-wedding photo shoot. However, not every pre-wedding photographer is the same, and some of them simply depend on you to suggest to them and they’re only there to capture photos and airbrush them.

In the situation that you engage the latter type of bridal photographers, then you might find the following paragraphs very useful for your pre-wedding photography.

  • CHIJMES is definitely a hot spot – even for actual day wedding events. Likewise, it is a truly beautiful and historic place in Singapore for the couples who want their wedding photographs at a Church in Singapore. It looks really beautiful, is very conveniently located and it is also free to enter. CHIJMES is definitely a place that you must explore.
  • Armenian Church, Singapore at 60 Hill St is definitely a beautiful Church you should consider taking your pre-wedding photographs at. Even though it is located also in the city area of Singapore, if you take your pre-wedding photographs from the right angles (your bridal photographer should know how to take), then it will look like you’re in a Church on a random paradise / heaven.
  • Want something more rustic and exotic? Then go for the Saint George’s Church, Singapore. Look at the image below of the church. Does it not look like something pulled straight out of heaven? it looks like you’re in paradise with nothing else in the surroundings other than nature and this cute little pretty church. If that’s your idea of a pre-wedding photo shoot, then definitely go for the Saint George’s Church in Singapore.

Saint George's Church

Don’t only stick to popular choices that people recommend when it comes to pre-wedding photography. Most of the beautiful places are churches that most people don’t know about… That’s what will make your pre-wedding photographs so special! So check out the above churches and let me know what you think 🙂

01 Dec

Holding your wedding in church

Church is a special place especially for the Christians and Catholics. It is a place where these strong believers gather and reinforce their faith in God with one another. It is a place where spiritual energy is the strongest. There are some things about church wedding that couples cannot get elsewhere:

1. A church will add a spiritual dimension to the wedding and marriage. A church wedding comprises of a ceremony between the couple and the God. Couples vow their love for each other in front of God and looks up to Him for help and guidance. God’s blessing is the main attraction for couples who wish to hold their weddings in a church.

2. The beauty of a church adds to the ambiance of the wedding. In fact, church is viewed by many to look the grandest while having some traditional feel. It is voted by many to be one of the most stunning places to hold weddings at.

3. A church gives off a serene, peaceful, yet serious feeling. For some people, getting married in such an atmosphere which is hard to find elsewhere is a rare experience.

The above three reasons are the most commonly cited reasons from couples who decided to hold their wedding in churches. Among them, the top reason is point number 1 – the ability to include God in the wedding / marriage. The marriage vows are not only spoken before friends and families, but also before God. As mentioned, blessing from God is seeked. There are unique vows to church weddings, as shown here:

‘I, (name), take you, (name)
to be my wife/husband,
to have and to hold
from this day forward;
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death us do part,
according to God’s holy law.
In the presence of God I make this vow.’

For more information on church wedding, you can also visit this website. There is a comprehensive list of articles there to help in your church weddings. The articles there are updated frequently to ensure relevancy too.