09 Dec

Picking A Wedding Photography Studio In Singapore

With all that talk about beautiful church wedding venues in Singapore and how you should take your photo shoot at a church in Singapore, now I’ll go through how to best pick a wedding photography studio for your bridal shoot.

Picking a top Singapore wedding photography studio can be difficult if you do not know how. Yet, it can be ridiculously simple if you know my advice already.

  • Instead of going out searching in the yellow pages or dropping by physical studio locations, you should just search online. After all, most wedding photographers will provide you with the digital copy of the images, so they would definitely have experience with all things digital. Hence, most of the good wedding photography studios in Singapore would have a well maintained website with their portfolio on it. This would save you lots of time and effort. Just use Google for this purpose.
  • Before you look through Google for the websites / portfolios of these wedding photographers, you want to first discuss with your fiance what type of wedding images you two want. Don’t make the assumption that everyone wants the same thing. Even though you two might be very close, you don’t want to take the risk of hiring a wedding photographer whose style your fiance doesn’t like. Just clarify – after all, it only takes 5 minutes to understand each others’ style and preference.
  • Find out what comes along with the packages when you email or call the photography studio. Don’t just ask them for the prices. Perhaps, a particular company might charge you much higher than another but it could be due to the fact that this company is actually providing a lot more items such as printed canvas, framed photographs e.t.c. while the other just provides the basic. Just make sure to find out. Either way, it doesn’t matter what they provide as long as you understand the full details of what the wedding photography package entails.
  • Another thing that some couples might miss out is the make up artist. Not every wedding photographer or studio will provide a free make up artist, so you definitely want to clarify this point. In any case, you must be prepared to pay for a make up artist both for your pre-wedding photo shoot as well as your actual day bridal events.