30 Nov

Videography For Your Wedding Events

Have you seen those types of amazing wedding videos where it simply looks magical?

I really love them.

This is one of the more amazing church wedding videos I have seen so far in Singapore. I think what a wedding video brings out are emotions that usually cannot be portrayed through simply images. That is not possible. However, a wedding video which is well-shot and well-put together can look amazing!

When you engage a good local wedding videographer in Singapore, what you essentially get as a result is 2 extra dimensions on top of the wedding photographs. You are now able to hear the voices of you and your spouse during the wedding day events as well as the emotions and atmosphere during the actual day. Such dimensions might not be able to be seen accurately through wedding photographs alone and these extra dimensions would actually elicit emotions in you in a way that cannot be done by photos.

I have always loved looking at videos of church weddings, because I find them looking very serene and it keeps the viewer calm. Somehow because the entire setting is much more organized and calm, it gives a sense of paradise for the lovebirds.

In fact, at the highest end of wedding videography, is something also known as wedding cinematography. It is basically the art of creating a movie-like video (usually with a storyline) for the couple’s wedding. I think that’s the most magical form of a wedding video and is really the pinnacle of wedding videos. It looks absolutely beautiful that way and I love it. No words can express how much I love wedding cinematography involving churches in Singapore.

There are small and large churches in Singapore, but what I like about them is that they give off the same serene and peaceful feeling, hence I truly love church wedding videos… especially if the video is edited properly with great accompanying music and a lovely couple who is truly in love with each other.

What do you think? Do you love wedding cinematography as well? I would really love to hear some of your comments below! Let me know and I’ll reply you. Cheers! And thanks for following Church Site Directory!

28 Nov

Beautiful Singapore Wedding Videos

Do you like wedding videos? Because I simply love them! Check out the above video. I like wedding videos because they add two additional dimensions to wedding photographs alone. The first dimension would be sound and the second would be motion. These are two things that cannot be fully and accurately captured by just a wedding image alone. That is why companies like Alvinadeline, Reddot and Grandeur Wedding are in high demand because they provide both wedding photography as well as videography for their clients in Singapore.

If you watch the above video or any such wedding videos, you would soon realize that couples are able to see what the other party is doing on the actual day of the marriage before meeting each other. This is because the groom will be going along with some friends to the bride’s house. The bride would then have some bridesmaid who will be helping her out with any administrative matters around the house during that time. If couples only took photos, then they can only see still moments, but they would not be able to experience and ‘live’ the moment as their spouse has done so a few hours before they first meet each other on their actual day of the wedding ceremony.

I think a wedding video which is well-taken, edited and put together can look really amazing and romantic. If you have not considered getting your wedding filmed, you might want to start to seriously consider this option with your spouse because trust me – it will be a very good decision. There are some things in life that you can get back after you miss it – but when it comes to time, you cannot buy it back or turn back time. Hence, grab hold of your opportunity now when it’s not yet your wedding and engage a wedding videographer in Singapore beforehand 🙂 Cheers and make sure to remember that it’s Church Site Directory in Singapore that first told you about this idea and spread this blog around! 😛